15-year-old from Gainesville charged with murder in shooting death of 62-year-old man

    Kynorri Morris/Alachua County Sheriff's Office.

    Alachua County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a 15-year-old accused of shooting and killing a 62-year-old man last month.

    Investigators say Kynorri Morris is charged with murder in the death of Joseph Green on Nov. 10. Neighbors told police they heard a man yelling for someone to call 911. Deputies found Green bleeding on the ground near the 900 block of SW 62nd Terrace about 3 a.m. and taken to the hospital where he later died.

    Joseph "J.R." Green/provided.

    Alachua County Sheriff's Lt. Brett Rhodenizer says Morris was initially arrested on Nov. 29 but didn't release the information until now so they could finish gathering information to help in his prosecution.

    Deputies say it would have been hard to find the killer if it wasn’t for the community that loved Green. Deputies say the community continued to find and share information with authorities.

    “He was known throughout the community," Rhodenizer said. "He was an older member, 62 years old. People knew him and they were as shocked as we were to find out what happened that night.”

    Joseph Green’s brother, Reginald Green, says his brother was an Army veteran, church member, business owner, and the man in the neighborhood known for giving treats to children—especially those who could not afford it.

    “He would even get his grill and put the whole grill full of meats and stuff and feed the people and the kids right there in the community," Green said. "You could see they really loved him because he would give way beyond his means to them.”

    Rhodenizer said the motive is unclear though it appears to have been a robbery gone bad. Investigators say they don't know of any previous relationship between the two men.

    Morris is being held at the Alachua County Juvenile Detention Center.

    “I’m glad for my brother’s sake that the killer is off the streets so he won’t kill nobody else," Green said. "If he’s in heaven, he’s smiling down."

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