V-i-c-t-o-r-y: 13-year-old wins hard-fought Alachua County district spelling bee

sydney miller.JPG

With words like “generalissimo” to “vociferous,” students were duking it out at the Alachua County district spelling bee today.

With 41 students selected to represent their elementary and middle school, every child had different methods on how they studied.

"I'm nervous," fifth-grader Mickinzi Anderson said. "I worked on my words every day."

"I didn't really practice," said fifth-grader Rainer Decarmine.

After the fifth round, the stakes got higher with only 10 students left.

But after the 19th round, it came down to two finalists.

The winning word? Diesel.

“I thought I hadn’t studied enough, I was surprised by myself that I did this well, so I’m really happy," says winner Sydney Miller.

Now, 13-year-old Sydney is spelling her way to Jacksonville where she'll compete for regional's, in hopes to make it to the national competition.

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