Bradford County school resource deputies finish rifle training before first day of school

A Bradford County School Resource Deputy fires during training/WGFL

Times are changing for schools and law enforcement in Florida, but Bradford county has had to adapt to a big change. For nine schools, there used to be two resource deputies. Today, there are nine—one for each school.

“It’s sad that times like this right here has come across the nation,” said Moses Bellamy, a first year school resource deputy. “Happening all across the schools and stuff. But I can tell you this, here in Bradford county, we care. And we are going to make sure it doesn’t happen here in Bradford county.”

Nine school resource deputies, seven of them brand new, hit the gun range Friday with their new rifles to put their skills to the test. All of them had the same goal in mind—to protect the kids in Bradford county.

“The equipment is phenomenal,” said Shane Haddock, a first year school resource deputy. “I got to tell you, I’ve handled rifles before, but I have learned a lot of new things today. A lot of things I will definitely take with me and will utilize.”

For four hours straight in the Florida sun, each new round brought more precise shots.

“It’s become paramount that we are very well versed with these types of rifles and equipment,” Haddock said. “We’ve got to be prepared for unfortunately the worst.”

Most of these trainees are not new to law enforcement. They just simply felt a calling that it was time to switch to this position when there was a need.

“Working in corrections for five and a half to six years, it’s something different,” Bellmay said. “It’s something that I thought it was time to do. Especially in this time, this day. It’s something to do.”

School starts Monday, and these men want students to feel assured they are in good and well-trained hands.

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