Wanted Wednesday: Man accused of barging through woman's door and raping her

Justin King/Gainesville Police

Gainesville Police Officers are looking for a man who they say brutally raped a woman.

Officers are asking for your help finding Justin King who is wanted for sexual battery.

“She indicated that she got a knock on the door and a male subject was at the door, a person she knew by the nickname of “Black,” he forced his way into the victims' house and committed the rape.”

Police said the victim didn't know the man personally, but had seen him around her neighborhood before.

“This individual is known to be in the neighborhood where the victim lived and the victim assumed that is how he knew where she lived.”

King is 35-years-old, he is 6'3" and 205 pounds.

Police say King has a broken front tooth and is known to hangout in the Pine Ridge Neighborhood.

“This individual committed a rape to basically a stranger which is very uncommon however, we don’t know when he will strike again so we want to get him off the street.”

If you have any tips police say to contact crime stoppers at 352-372-STOP.

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