Wanted Wednesday: Man wanted for possession of a gun despite being a convicted felon


    The Levy County Sheriff's Office is looking for man who was in possession of a gun despite being a convicted felon.

    Now they are asking for your tips to help find him.

    Lt. Scott Tummond said they were investigating the theft of guns from a home when the trail led them to Anthony Roddrick.

    “Our investigators determined Mr. Anthony was in possession of one of these fire arms which was recovered," Tummond said.

    Investigators say the burglary suspect told them he gave a stolen firearm to Roddrick.

    “The suspect of the burglary who they had in custody had delivered the stolen firearm to Mr. Anthony," Tummond said.

    Roddrick is now wanted for possession of a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon.

    Anthony Roddrick is a 25-year-old male, he is 6'0" and approximately 175 pounds.

    Authorities say Roddrick's last known address is in Williston.

    “Currently we do know Mr. Anthony is bouncing between several homes in Marion County and Levy County," Tummond said.

    Deputies urged any resident who might come in contact with Roddrick to use caution.

    “If he was willing to possess a firearm that had been stolen knowing he cannot because he had felony convictions in his history, this is a man we need off of our streets," Tummond said.

    Authorities said if you have any tips, call 352-486-5111.

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