Wanted Wednesdays: Former Bradford County football star wanted on robbery charge

Wanted Wednesdays: former Bradford Co. local "celebrity" now wanted behind bars

Bradford County Sheriff's deputies are looking for a man, who they say likes to run. Whether it was back in his high school football days as a star running back, to now, where he's been running from police.

34-year-old Parviele Lee is wanted wanted on robbery charges.

Deputies say Lee used physical force to steal a ladies cell phone from her, but that's not all, they say he also has past convictions for selling drugs and fleeing from officers.

"He's been on the wrong side of the law for 20 years now," Maj. Brad Smith said. "We are constantly having to deal with him for different things occurring in the area."

Lee was a well-known football player in high school, a multi-record holder at Bradford High school and still has his name outside of the stadium.

"it's kind of a sad situation being that he was a very decorated High School football player," Smith said. "He had a lot going for him athletically but couldn't pull his life together to take advantage of that."

Bradford County deputies say he is considered dangerous and need your help to get him out of the streets immediately.

They say they believe he may be in the Gainesville area.

Lee is 5'7 and 215 pounds, if you see him call First Coast Crime Stoppers at (866)-845-TIPS (8477)

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