Alachua County Sheriff's Office increasing patrols for New Year's Eve

    The Alachua County Sheriff's Office is increasing patrols and cracking down on DUI’s tonight.

    " You'll see a lot of increased patrols in neighborhoods making sure that our presence is known to the citizens,” Sgt. Leslie Richardson.

    AAA says New Year's Eve is one of the most dangerous holidays of the year because of drunk drivers -- and that's why deputies are going to be out in full force tonight to remind drivers of consequences of drinking and driving

    New Year’s Eve is a also a busy night for the 911 dispatch center.

    "We're expecting all kinds of different calls from noise complaints to fireworks. We're expecting a wide variety of incidents from disturbances at parties to sometimes even shootings and stabbings,” communications dispatch supervisor Danika Lubold said.

    Dispatchers say they also see an increase in car accidents on New Year’s Eve

    "On New Year’s Eve night, we get a lot more vehicle accidents due to the increased number of intoxicated drivers or reckless drivers on the roadway,” Lubold said.

    Lubold said if you're drinking make sure you have a designated driver or call an Uber to make sure you and other drivers are safe.

    "If you decide to have one sip or one beer just stay off the roadway because you could be threatening somebody else's life."

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