After 12-3 win over Auburn, Florida's won every SEC series played this season

Florida Gators

Today's first inning played out exactly as it had last night. Edouard Julien hit a 3-run shot to give No. 22 Auburn the early lead. Unlike last night, those would be Auburn's only runs on the board, and No. 1 Florida's explosive offense would come up with 12 unanswered runs.

Today's win gives Florida a win in every SEC series its played this season, and a 16-5 conference record.

"From my years of being here I think this is the best we've started," said Deacon Liput, who went 2-for-3 with 3 RBI. "I think it just comes from our pitchers doing good and our offense doing well, and backing them up along with good defense. You know, it's a really hard league and to get off to this kind of start is really impressive. We're looking to build from it."

"We're some grinders," outfielder Nick Horvath added. "We just grind out each and every game, each and every at-bat, and you see it out there all paying off."

While head coach Kevin O'Sullivan is happy with the team's record, he has concerns when it comes to his starting pitchers.

"We talked to our pitchers this morning, everybody's got things to work on," O'Sullivan said. "Looking at the numbers, we have not had a weekend series this year where all three starters in the same weekend, at least in SEC play, have gone six-plus innings. We have not had that yet. Looking at last year, I think we had three consecutive weekend's where all three starters went six or more innings, and we had three sweeps.

"If we can get ourselves to a point where our starters can go six full innings, obviously it's gonna give us a much better chance of winning on the weekend, and let's face it, when you play in a Regional you're gonna have to have three quality starts to win a Regional. Moving on to Supers same type of thing, you have to have quality starts. Out in Omaha if you can win the first two games, obviously someone's gotta beat you twice. That's our goal and our challenge. If we can get to a point where all three starters on every given weekend are giving six plus innings, I think we can be that much better."

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