Behind the scenes with Wuerffel and his flag football team

Wuerffel flag football

Danny Wuerffel is preparing to compete in the American Flag Football League, and we got a behind the scenes look at his team's tryouts.

“You see the talent level from the flag guys around the (Gainesville) area and people who came from other parts," Wuerffel said. "Really impressive. I really respect the flag community much more.”

Former Florida safety Major Wright was present during tryouts and talked about the major differences between flag football and NFL football.

"You've got to pull a flag instead of tackle. With me I'm more of a physical guy and you can't be physical in flag football," said Wright. "Pulling these flags, stopping my feet, making sure I get my feet up under me and focusing on the flag."

He's not too confident he'll make it through the season without tackling someone, though.

"We're gonna try to prevent that," Wright said. "But, if it happens we've got trainers out here and we'll be good."

For Wuerffel his adjustments are a little different. "The timing of it, what they're doing, the different strategies. I think that's the thing I've got to get my mind around to understand the game better, and how it translates," Wuerffel explained. "A lot of work to do but we're excited.

“I think this could really catch on and be a huge deal in the years to come. I think more pro players will get involved toward the end of their career. I think it has a lot of future.”

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