Corey Brewer hosts ninth annual Back 2 Back Youth Basketball Camp


NBA free agent and former Florida Gator Corey Brewer is hosting his ninth annual Back 2 Back Youth Basketball. There are more than 100 kids in attendance, and all of the proceeds will be going toward the University of Florida Diabetes Institute.

“It’s amazing, just to see all the kids that have been coming the past nine or ten years," 11-year NBA veteran Corey Brewer said. "They went from like third grade to now they’re in high school. It’s amazing just to see them grow and the way the camp's growing. At one time we were getting just 50, 60 people, begging people to come to camp. Now, we're selling out, so that's amazing."

Brewer's "Corey Brewer Fights Diabetes Fund" hits close to home because his father had diabetes, and his mother still has diabetes.

In addition to raising money for a good cause, the event teaches kids about basketball through lectures, basketball drill stations, 5 on 5 games, basketball contests and educational sessions.

“It’s been so much fun because all our friends are out here," one participant said. "We’ve been playing basketball all day. There’s nothing better than that.”

Another participant added, “It’s a lot of fun and it teaches us a lot. How to work together as a team and that Corey actually cares about us.”

“Anything I can do for the kids I’ll do," Brewer said. "They ask me questions, I’ll tell them the best answer I can give them, because I remember when I was a little kid. You start somewhere. Some of these kids may be an NBA player, may be a doctor. You never know, but whatever I can do to help them, I’ll do my best.”

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