Eddy Pineiro and Johnny Townsend have a chance at making history in 2018 draft

Townsend and Pineiro

Eddy Pineiro and Johnny Townsend have a chance to make history in this year’s NFL draft. Since the draft changed to a seven-round format in 1994, no school has had a kicker-punter duo drafted in the same year.

“That would be amazing," said Pineiro. "I think we have the best chance if you look around the country. I think we’ve got a good chance, but let’s see if a team takes a chance on us. That would be cool.”

The draft process is much different for specialists, in this case punters and kickers, because a lot of it comes down to timing. There are plenty NFL specialists working into their 40's, so jobs don't open up too often.

“The Eagles and the Giants are teams we think may be looking for a guy just because of retirement and a guy getting cut," Townsend said about teams he thinks he may have a shot with. "We try to look at that all the time and look at what the playing field is like, and what teams are potentially looking for a guy.”

“I feel like every kicker is replaceable," said Peneiro. "It’s the NFL, "Not For Long". That’s how it goes.”

Townsend led the country in punting average with 47.5 yards per attempt in 2017, and holds an SEC career record, averaging 46.2 yards per punt.

Pineiro led the country in field goal percentage last season and holds a program record 88.4 percent success rate.

“I grew up, I always wanted to play professional soccer. My dad played professional soccer so seeing him play, and seeing that environment, I always wanted to do that. Being able to feed my family and hopefully make it to the next level doing this, it’s a good thing to do.

“It’s tough to know where you’re gonna go in the draft. The draft is a crazy process, but I’m looking forward to it that’s for sure.”

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