Florida focused on playing strong through all four quarters against No. 3 Georgia


Florida lost its last two games by small margins, losing by one point to LSU and by two points to Texas A&M. One of the main focuses for the Gators this weekend is finishing the game strong, something they haven't been able to do in their losses.

“We just haven’t finished," said head coach Jim McElwain. "We had two opportunities to finish games and we didn’t and that’s what these young guys need to figure out. When you get yourself an opportunity to win in the fourth quarter you have to take advantage of it and we haven’t done that in the last two ball games.”

“Everybody we could have beat on every game we lost to we lost by three or less," said sophomore linebacker David Reese. "We could be 0-6, 6-0, so it’s one of those types of years. He just wants us to get those wins in all those tough moments."

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