Former Gator wide receiver Chris Doering talks about new role as weekday radio host


Former Gator wide receiver Chris Doering partnered up with SiriusXM to host SEC Today.

"It's really cool to be associated with the SEC, obviously the preeminent conference in the country," Doering said. "For me to be able to represent them with the SEC Network TV stuff and then to be a part of the initial launch of their SiriusXM channel is an honor for me. Just getting to show that I have some versatility being able to talk not just football, but now we're talking about baseball, we're talking about women's basketball, we're talking about gymnastics, the whole gamut."

Doering played football, basketball and baseball in high school, making those sports easy topics for him. The show includes conversation about all Southeastern Conference sports played throughout the year, so it pushes him out of his comfort zone.

"I'm a little out of my element when we start trying to discuss gymnastics or some of these other sports that maybe I don't know as much about, but they make it easy on us." Doering said. "We've got great producers that get us ready, and our guests... really honored to be able to have the participation of all coaches and administrators in that conference on the channel.

"It's quite a demand. I'm having to get adjusted to the new schedule there, but it is a good opportunity and I'm honored to be a part of the SEC's channel on SiriusXM."

The new 24/7 SiriusXM SEC channel launched in March. Doering co-hosts SEC Today with Chris Childers weekdays from 3:00 to 6:00 pm ET.

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