Florida's quarterback woes continue with Luke Del Rio injury

Del Rio.PNG

The quarterback situation at the University of Florida continues to face challenges, and this time it's the injury of Luke Del Rio, who only made his first start of the season on Saturday.

After completing 64 yards passing Del Rio was removed from the game and replaced by Feleipe Franks. It was announced by Jim McElwain after the game that Del Rio will be undergoing surgery on Monday, and is out for the remainder of the season.

“It’s hard," head coach McElwain said. "I think he was the one that told you he had never been through a season on a team that only used one quarterback. So, that’s exactly right. I just feel horrible for him. The guys rallied behind Feleipe. We talked about our situation, and that’s what we’ll do moving forward.”

"I had written it right here at halftime, "Luke" under my left wristband," said Franks. "I'm praying for him and his family. It's tough when you go out there and take a big hit like that and you get hurt. Fortunately, it's definitely one of those things [that] you never want to happen to you. I'm praying for him and everybody on the team is, and we're feeling for him. All we can do is pray for him. Hopefully he gets a speedy recovery."

Wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland came off the field with an injury as well. "I don't know if he'll go this week," McElwain said. "I would think it'd be one that you'd want to go play in, but time will tell."

Franks completed a 49-yard pass to Tyrie Cleveland during Saturday's game that looked very similar to the Hail Mary against Tennesse.

"I want to give a testament to all of the receivers first, they do a great job of making that happen," said Franks. "The others guys, they do a great job of being unselfish and running their routes hard every single time they're on the field and that's a testament to them getting Tyrie open. Tyrie has been a ball hawk all season. He's a great receiver, tall guy, speedy. He's done a great job so far and I think there's more to come."

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