Get to know Florida defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson

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Junior defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson answered a few questions about himself after practice this week:

What was it like when you told your family you'd be adding your stepdad's last name to yours?

- "It was just, you know, a step forward in my life. My stepdad, who I call my real dad because he's been there, it's just motivating me. Go out there, play strong, play fast, you know for him and everyone else in the family."

Did your family get emotional after you gave them the news?

- "No. Our family don't cry. If we win the National Championship we might cry. Other than that it was more joy, happiness, smiling, everybody laughing."

What's something your excited about heading into the 2018 season that you didn't get to experience much last season?

- "Blitzing. I ain't really blitzed. I've probably blitzed since I've been here three, four times. I've probably got like two career sacks. Maybe three, I don't know, but I blitz more, have fun, I feel like a d-lineman."

Is your blitzing getting close to where you want it to be?

- "I'm learning some moves. It'll get there as time's going. I've got a whole summer and a whole fall camp to get it down."

How does the energy that this new coaching staff brings benefit the team?

- "We separate ourselves from successful people and average people. Our team's filled with successful people. Last year didn't pan out how we wanted it, but we don't want average people on our team because average people not gonna get you a W. This year we feel like we could be the best in the country. Gotta be relentless every time we go on the field, every time we in the weight room, every time we're in the classroom, so with that energy and that effort we've got to go in and compete, have fun and do it as a champion."

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