Mullen discusses confusing weapons policy and quarterback competition

During Florida's 2018 Media Day a lot of the conversation revolved around off-the-field issues. One of those issues was a July 22nd traffic stop where they found a loaded, AR-15 in the car of Florida Gators wide receiver Kadarius Toney.

Toney was handcuffed and later released without any charges.

When Mullen addressed his team's policy on guns he gave a contradicting response, stating, "I have a no weapons policy, but it's not like you're not allowed to have a gun. I mean, we live in a country where that's one of your rights."

He had to expand on what that means, and said that while he doesn't have a problem with players owning guns as long as they're educated and trained, it's just easier to say there's a no weapons policy.

"If I write out all the different -- no weapons in these situations or have a weapon for a hunting situation, if I'm doing this, I store it at this location, I keep it here, I have gun safety rules and knowledge, that's not a quick catch to them to register in their mind," Mullen said. "Does that make sense?

"So it's really to me -- our no-weapons policy is about the education. It's when and where would be the appropriate times to have it."

When Mullen wasn't answering questions about player discipline, he was talking about how he plans to turn around the offense. While choosing a starting quarterback is a big part of that, he still doesn't know when that will be decided.

"I'd love to give you a timetable," Mullen said. "I'd love to say on this date, we're going to know -- I've learned through the years not to do that because I've thought in the past I'm going to know the starter on this date. That date comes, and I'm like, I thought this guy was going to be it, the last three days he's been terrible, this other guy has been great.

"I hope it defines itself for us during training camp, and the team, everyone knows, this is the guy that's going to help us win."

When sophomore quarterback Feleipe Franks was asked about what he thinks Mullen's looking for in a QB, he said, "Somebody who can obviously lead the team, get drives started, keep us on the field and what it really boils down to is who's more comfortable with the offense and who the team rallies around."

Franks says he's become more comfortable with the new playbook after studying it during Spring and Summer workouts, and Kyle Trask says he feels the same way.

"I feel really comfortable," sophomore QB Trask said. "Spread system is kind of what I did in high school so I'm familiar with some of the looks and stuff like that.

"Overall I feel comfortable with it, and Mullen and the whole staff has really helped us ease into this new offense."

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