Terry McMillen Top Fuel dragster demonstration previews NHRA Gatornationals

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Terry McMillen, driver of the AMALIE Motor Oil EXTERMIGATOR Top Fuel dragster, hosted a car start event ahead of the NHRA Gatornationals. The event previewed the process his crew goes through in the pits prior to a Top Fuel pass.

“We’ll disassemble the motor," said McMillen. "Totally take the pistons out, the heads off, the blowers, the clutch is out and we’ll rebuild it, then 40 minutes later we’re ready to run the car again. Most people can’t even change their spark plugs that quick.”

When the car's fuel flow reaches its most powerful point, it burns 80 gallons per minute, which is over a gallon per second. In about 2.2 seconds the car travels 330 feet from a standing start.

McMillen explained that watching drag racing on television doesn't do the sport justice because you miss out on so many elements of the race, stating, “These things, when they leave the starting line, it’s like a five on a Richter scale of an earthquake. You shake from your toes to your head. You have the smoke and you just have these incredible speeds. Just think about it. When you’re at 60 feet you’re at 106 miles an hour. There’s nothing out there that can go that quick. Nothing.”

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