Turnovers plague Florida in 38-22 loss to Florida State


    The Gators didn't give themselves a chance to win after giving away turnover after turnover. Three interceptions, one of which was a pick-six, resulted in 47 yards gained by the Seminoles. Overall, 28 of Florida State's 38 points came from turnovers.

    "Throwing the ball today wasn't very good for us as a group," said interim head coach Randy Shannon. "We had too many interceptions, two of them for touchdowns, and then another one gave them field position for another opportunity to score. We can't win games that way."

    When quarterback Feleipe Franks was questioned on the turnovers, he said, "Tom Brady throws three interceptions, anybody does it, it's part of the game, part of playing quarterback and that's what a lot of people don't realize. It's something to improve on.

    "Going into the offseason, we were talking about it on the sideline, [Brandon Powell], those guys have straight confidence in me, they even told me 'you're going to be the best quarterback,' just work in the offseason. We're definitely going to rise; we can't go any lower so we're going to be fine."

    When Franks was asked if it was one of the toughest days of his football career, he responded with, "Turnover-wise, yeah, I don't think I've ever thrown three interceptions and a pick six and almost another pick six, but like I said, part of the game, something for me to learn from and get better at. The guys have confidence in me, that's really all that matters."

    Because it was the last time suiting up this season, the program took the time to reflect on everything that took place over the course of the season.

    “It was tough, not only from the scheme and game plan standpoint, but just from the beginning," redshirt senior running back Mark Thompson said. "Seeing a lot of guys that I’m close with, and that being ripped from them because of decisions they made. It was tough. Those are my friends, you know?

    "Fast forward to Georgia week, and, the thing with Coach Mac and everything like that, a lot of adversity, a lot of tough situations. But, I feel as though the team prevailed, especially for a young team, it’s good to see a lot of maturity. They have a bright future."

    The idea of a bright future for this young team is echoed among players and coaches.

    "We've definitely got some young players, that's the bright side," said Franks. "I'm a freshman, a bunch of our receivers are young guys, sophomores, freshmen, and all of the secondary [is] full of young guys. That's one of the bright sides, we have one of the youngest teams."

    Speaking of young players, sophomore David Reese is a young player who stepped up as a vocal leader.

    “This offseason I am taking the young guys under my wing," Reese said. "I’m getting old and now. [I’ll be] a junior. I’m taking the role and going to lead us in a direction where we can win.

    “I want to be a feared defense. We have a lot of young guys and we stopped guys this year. There were many games we could have won, like LSU and Texas AA&M. This game our defense did what we could.”

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